Ungrun Grunnson

Ungrun Grunnson was the High King of the Dwarfs seated at the Dwarven Capital of Karaz-a-Karak. Gifting the ancestral Grunnson Axe to his son Grimcrag Grunnson, he set his son the task of reclaiming the ruined Dwarven city of Karak Azgal in order to restore its former glory.

Progress at first seemed good, and many messengers brought word of Grimcrag's noble deeds. However, after a few years progress reports started to wain until eventually stopping altogether. Fearing for his son's safety and for the stain of honour the loss of his family heirloom would bring, Ungrun took it upon himself to lead an expedition to Karak Azgal to find them both, leaving his Grandson Ironbeard Grunnson on the throne in his stead.

Ungrun too never returned from Karak Azgal.