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The ongoing adventures of a group of Warhammer Quest adventurers, as narrated by their long-suffering GM.

I've written so much up about out little group that I wanted a central place for them to share and for others to read if they manage to stumble across my website.

The Epic Tale Edit

The Epic Tale contains all the stories I've written about the games which are link-free.

  1. Death Below Karak Azgal
  2. Lair of the Orc Lord
  3. Shadow of the Horned Rat
  4. Court of the Undead King

Information Pages Edit

These pages contain background information on the characters, items and locations used in the games.

The Warriors Edit

Trogdar: The Barbarian Edit

Jandyr: The Elf Edit

The Son of Ixthod: The Wizard Edit

Short-arse: The Dwarf Edit

Their foes Edit

Black Fang Orcs Edit

Gorgut: Warboss of the Black Fang tribe

Big 'Uns: Gorgut's bodyguards

Skabnoze: Orc Shaman

Gubbinz: Goblin jester

Growler: Gubbinz' loyal squig hound

Skrunch: Black Orc Boss

Skullbasha: A huge Orc

Bogoff: A mischievous Snotling

Burp and Churnie: A pair of Trolls

The Skaven under Middenheim Edit

Quirrik: Deranged Skaven Warlock Engineer

Rat Golem: Quirrik's monstrous creation

Stormfiends: Quirrik's (somewhat) more stable creations

Skreek Deathstrike: Skaven Assassin extraordinaire

The Triad: Skreek's (dis)loyal underlings

Kapcha: An obese Skaven Packmaster

Hiss-hirt: Leader of Quirrik's Stormvermin

Others Edit

Alberto Laranscheld: Necromancer

Cockatrice: A monstrous melding of dragon and rooster

Ironbeard Grunnson: Formerly Dwarven King, now Trollslayer

Quarg: An elusive beast that haunts the Empire

Tetrarch: A Chaos Warrior who can split himself in four

Their Allies Edit

Ar-Ulric: Spiritual leader of Middenheim

Grimcrag Grunnson: Lord of Karaz-a-Karak

Ungrun Grunnson: A (literal) spiritual Dwarf

Places Edit

Karaz-a-Karak: The Capital City of the Dwarven Empire

Karak Azgal: Former Dwarven City, now ruined

Mount Gunbad: Former Dwarven Mine, now occupied by the Black Fang Orcs

Middenheim: A fortress-city in the North of the Empire

The Fusty Duck: A tavern in Middenheim

Notable Magic items Edit

Grunnson Axe: An invaluable (and sharp) family heirloom

Laranscheld's Book: An unholy tome of necromantic origin

Star of the Dawn: A powerful gemstone gifted to the Grunnson clan by Elves

Sword of Malediction: A magic-nullifying sword

Warpstone: A magical rock used by Skaven

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