Star of the Dawn

The Star of the Dawn was a magical gemstone of unique beauty gifted to the Dwarven High King by the Elves long ago. The gemstone remained within the Dwarf's possession until relatively recently, where it was lost by the Grunnson clan to their great shame.

Word of the whereabouts of the gemstone eventually reached the ear of the High King Ungrun Grunnson, who tasked his son Grimcrag Grunnson to retrieve it from the ruins of Karak Azgal, gifting him the legendary Grunnson Axe with which to undertake this mighty task.

Little did Grimcrag know that the stone was to be used as a bargaining chip to seal a union between the Black Orc Skrunch representing the Black Fang Orcs tribe and the forces of Chaos. Painful to the touch of these dark forces, the Star was magically coated in a dark substance which coincidentally made it resemble a lump of coal.

The star was eventually recovered in this lumpen form by the Warriors, who returned it to Grimcrag Grunnson in order that he could complete his quest to restore the family name.