Skullbasha was a monstrous Orc of the Black Fang Orcs tribe. Noted for his size rather than his intelligence, Skullbasha became one of Gorgut's minions rather than supplanting him as Warboss.

Skullbasha encountered the Warriors within the second level of the Dwarven Halls beneath Mount Gunbad. Here he held the bridge over the flaming chasm and challenged the Warriors to meet him one-on-one.

The challenge was surprisingly taken up by The Son of Ixthod, who boldly strode forward casting his legendary Freeze spell. Unbeknownst to the Wizard however, Skullbasha carried the Sword of Malediction which negated the Wizard's spells.

Fearing for his life, the Wizard retreated over the bridge once more, leaving Short-arse to fight the hulking Orc whilst the others were peppered with arrows from a troupe of Orc archers stationed behind Skullbasha. Fighting an epic duel, Short-arse was able to defeat the Orc by casting him over the side of the bridge into the flames below, keeping his magical Sword for herself.