The Rat Golem was the creation of the Warlock Engineer Quirrik. A hideous amalgamation of beast and bronze, this mechanical monstrosity was brought into being to act as a reliable bodyguard whilst Quirrik continued his research into the creation of the Stormfiends.

The Golem however proved to be too temperamental, frequently breaking down as it consumed the power from its Warpstone heart, seizing its mechanisms and locking it in place.

In the Pit Edit

It was in this state that the Warriors first encountered the Golem in the fighting pits of the Packmaster Kapcha. Initially thinking it a statue, Trogdar tried in vain to talk to it, seeking passage through a locked door beyond.

Having failed and never missing an opportunity to hit something, both Trogdar and Short-arse then started attacking the inert creature, cleaving skin from metal, but failing utterly to destroy the contraption, eventually giving up and moving on.

Their frantic flailing however must have disturbed something vital as the Golem slowly started to come back to life. Twitching spasmodically, the creature jerked and roared as it reanimated, thrashing around the fighting pit.

Fearing for his own safety, Kapcha sent a veritable horde of Skavenslaves and Clanrats into the pit to try to sedate the monster. The ratmen had other ideas however, using the bodies of those unfortunate enough to face the Golem's wrath to escape the high walls of the pit edge and fleeing past the confused warriors.

Having finally encountered and dispatched Kapcha, the Warriors re-entered the pit and after a long battle involving snow globes and the consumption of strong Elven wine, the Golem was deactivated by Short-arse. Having taken the opportunity to rest the Warriors progressed through the locked door.

Pursuit through Quirrik's laboratory Edit

Slowly, unsteadily, the Golem's reboot protocols initiated and the creature let out a monstrous howl which reverberated throughout the Skaven burrows. Hearing this the Warriors sped along their way, all-too familiar with the devastation the Golem could wreak.

Little did they know the Golem pursued them relentlessly, always one step behind them but fortunately never catching them until they reached Quirrik's laboratory. Joining amidst a fierce battle, the Golem tore into friend and foe alike, sending clanrats flying and gouging great gobbets of flesh from Trogdar and Jandyr in particular.

Risking her own life, Short-arse threw herself at the creature just as it dealt a fatal blow to Jandyr, tearing his throat open and sending the Elf to the floor. Consumed with rage, Short-arse dealt blow after blow against the increasingly delapidated automaton, wreaking terrible damage. As she prepared to deal the finishing blow, The Son of Ixthod cast a Freeze spell, collapsing the Golem and breaking it into pieces.