Quirrik was a Warlock Engineer of the famed Clan Skryre whose sinister machinations were set upon destroying the Imperial City of Middenheim, crown jewel of the Northern part of the Empire. Using his twin talents of an innate knowledge of mechanical engineering married with a dark knowledge of the magical Warpstone, Quirrik's fearsome creations included the terrifying Rat Golem, as well as a trio of technologically-advanced Rat Ogres known as Stormfiends.

While the Assasins of Skreek Deathstrike roamed the sewers beneath Middenheim's cobbled streets, and the vermin burrows of Kapcha's monstrous Rat Ogres sat a level below that, Quirrik's extensive laboratory complex sat in the lowest recesses of the Fauschlag, the mighty slab of rock upon which Middenheim stands. By comparison to the hastily scratch-tunnelled lair above it, the laboratory was a maze of smoothly-walled tunnels and high-vaulted ceilings, potentially signifying an ancient Dwarven mine, long-since abandoned.

It was here that Quirrik began work on what was to be his greatest accomplishment, the melding of monster and machine which birthed the Rat Golem. A crude design by his later standards, the Golem became Quirrik's incorruptible bodyguard, roaming the halls as a stark warning to the conniving assassins of Skreek Deathstrike and opportunistic packmaster Kapcha.