"Go on, just give it a little tug."


"It won't hurt, I promise."


"You don't have to yank it hard."


"Just the tip?"


"There's gold in it for ya..."

"Gold?" inquired the Wizard.

"That's right," replied Trogdar, "a whole heap of Gold just waiting to be taken. All you have to do is pull the Dragon's tail."

"Is that a euphemism?" Short-arse whispered to Jandyr.

"Not one I'm aware of," said Jandyr.

The Warriors had dispatched the Orc archers in short order once they were able to make their way across the rickety bridge. They now stood in front of a gigantic statue of a golden dragon, at the feet of which was a large pile of golden coins.

"Promise this will disarm it?" asked the Wizard.

"Oh absolutely," replied Trogdar, stifling a smirk. "Short-arse has checked it out and everything, haven't you Shorty?"

"Hmm?" said Short-arse, prodding at a weapons rack absent-mindedly, "Oh, yes, absolutely."

There was a satisfying 'click' as she pulled at a spear which opened a doorway leading onwards.

"See, she knows her way around a trap," said Trogdar, fighting to hold back laughter.

"Alright then," said the Wizard warily. He grasped the tail of the Dragon statue firmly in one hand and gave a gentle tug. He waited for a while, expectantly, before asking, "Is that it then?"

"I think so," replied Trogdar earnestly.

"Let's be making a move then," said Jandyr, suspiciously not going for the Gold.

"Alright," said the Wizard, warily. He looked at the Gold from a number of different angles, sizing up where to take from first. He turned and looked at the others slowly, each one of them looking at him and waiting with barely-repressed anticipation.

"Issa trap, innit?" said the Wizard, the truth slowly dawning on him.

"Aww, you got us," said Trogdar, a great beaming smile breaking across his face.

"Can't fool you!" said Short-arse, turning and walking through the secret doorway.

Jandyr said nothing but turned and walked away, casting a long, lingering glance at the Gold as he did so.

The Wizard was unnerved by this, and frantically looked back at the Gold. "Is it or isn't it?" he asked feverishly.

"Who knows?" said Trogdar, turning and walking away with the others.

The Wizard looked at him, then back to the Gold, then back up and finally back to the Gold. Steeling himself, he began to run for the doorway, thrusting his arm out towards the Gold as he went. As he did so, his hand passed through the Gold and into a nest of snakes which bit deeply into his flesh.