The Stones of le Marquis

Michel d'un Doigt was a famed Bretonnian artisan who crafted magical items of unique beauty for the family of Duke Merovech of Mousillon. Despite possessing an aptitude for magic from a young age, the laws of Bretonnia would not allow him to practice sorcery, and with his poor family not possessing the means to send him to the Imperial Colleges of magic Michel found other ways to harness his magical potential.

Harnessing the powers of the Winds of Magic and using powdered finger bone taken from his own hands, Michel created nine magical stones: one for each of the Winds, and one stone carved into the shape of an egg which he presented to the daughter of the Duke. Despite being asked many times, he never spoke of this stone again.

Eventually realising the depths of corruption the accursed Duke had fallen into, d'un Doigt left the land of his birth behind and took upon himself the quest for the fabled Holy Grail, taking with him the stones with which he had been able to create his magical wonders.

His quest spanned the known World until finally he returned, his quest complete. He became a hermit for the rest of his life, tending a small chapel on the borders of Mousillon, but never again venturing into that accursed land. When asked what became of his stones he spoke only in riddles, never fully giving the whole truth to anyone. That he no longer possessed them was clear, but until recently no-one had encountered a single specimen.

Jandyr's quest Edit

Whilst adventuring, the Elf known as Jandyr happened upon one of the lost stones. To any other adventurer they may have mistaken this for a simple rock, but as a keen petrologist Jandyr discerned this was in fact the Battle stone of le Marquis.