Laranscheld's book

Laranscheld's Book was a flesh-bound tome containing the necromantic scribbles and scrawls of Alberto Laranscheld. Within this foul volume lies the means to reanimate the dead, bending them to your will.

The book was in the possession of The Son of Ixthod, who stole it from Laranscheld's lair in the crypts beneath Karak Azgal despite the dread warning of the Elf Jandyr. Studying the book left the Wizard blind to the currents of the Winds of Magic, allowing many calamaties to befall his hapless companions.

Having realised the danger the book possessed, it was confiscated on the order of the Ar-Ulric, though the Wizard managed to save a couple of interesting pages. He has used these on at least two occassions, summoning corpses from the grave and fresh from battle to fight for him.