Jandyr (aka Jadryn) is an Elven Warrior of as-yet unknown origins. Skilled with both a bow and blade, Jandyr seeks to improve his mental and physical capabilities by testing himself in the darkest regions of the Old World, and if it helps, to make a bit of gold along the way.

Jandyr has a fascination with rocks of all types, and searches for the ever-elusive one which will bring him fame and fortune. Mostly fortune.

Distinguishing Marks/Characteristics Edit

Not much is known about Jandyr's past, but the fact that he was willing to answer the call for aid from a Dwarf King shows that he does not suffer from the extreme prejudice his race usually shows towards them. That is not to say that Jandyr is overly fond of Dwarfs, and he often engages in good-natured (from his side at least) banter with Short-arse. Whether the nature of the banter is reciprocated or not remains a point of contention.

Jandyr's obsession with collecting rocks became apparent early on in the Warrior's adventuring - though he claims he was actually searching for gold. This eye for minerals has led to the discovery of the Lost Stones of le Marquis which seem to grant the bearer incredible powers. It is his conviction that were he able to unite the stones he would surely become invincible.

Although Elves are usually famed for their bow skills, Jandyr's particular ballistic abilities are not particularly effective. When he does strike his target, he is able to skewer multiple opponents with one arrow. These shots however are few and far between, with the Elf usually missing his target (often from interference by Trogdar).

In stark contrast, Jandyr's skill with a blade has improved immeasurably during his adventures, and he rarely fails to find his target. His strikes however do lack the impact of Trogdar and Short-arse, and he can often be frustrated by the success of their brute-force attacks.

Befitting his race Jandyr also has an innate sense of magic, often using this ability to warn the others of traps and evil creations. His warning usually go unheeded, as demonstrated by The Son of Ixthod's theft and subsequent use of Laranscheld's Book.

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