"Let's get some rest they said."

"Good idea I said."

"The Wizard looks pretty shaken up they said."

"I agree I said."

"And me and the Dwarf are pretty tired after fighting those Orcs hand-to-hand they said."

"Riiiight... I said."

"So I think you need to take the first watch Jandyr they said."

Jandyr shook his head solemnly and allowed his gaze to drop to the floor. That was five hours ago, and no amount of prodding or poking Trogdar or Short-arse would wake them from their slumbers, and the Wizard slept in a coating of ice which was only slowly melting away.

Jandyr was more bored than tired. The rocks here were just useless rocks, there was no Gold anywhere to be found, and he'd counted the different species of lichen 10 times or more by now.

He stood to stretch his limbs and began to wander the room. How many more times could this shaman escape them? He was either the luckiest Orc alive or...

Jandyr paused as something caught his keen eyesight. Moving closer, he noticed the glint of metal. Maybe the orc had a secret stash hidden? He cast a quick glance back at the others, it would be just like them to awaken once he'd found something interesting. The loud snoring from Trogdar and Short-arse told him they were still sound asleep, and as for the Wizard... who knew?

He reached into his tunic and pulled out a small dagger. The object was half-buried in a crack in the wall and would take a bit of fishing out. He scraped at the wall, keeping the noise to a minimum. Slowly, he began to reveal an amulet with an inscription of twin arrows upon it.

He could sense magic within the amulet, but not what it did. He could ask the Wizard, but by the looks of it, it was solid gold and must have been worth about 1,000 gold pieces. Silently, he put the amulet in his pocket and walked back to his perch, beginning the lichen count once more.